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Waku & Erauw is a collaboration between 4 musical heavyweights, singer Yves Erauw and the Waku family: Guy, Alexia and Daddy.
Yves Erauw spent half of his life singing in piano bars.  In 2012, he appeared in THE VOICE Belgium, where he was quickly noticed and nicknamed « The Soul Kid » for the roundness and the warmth in his voice.
Guy Waku produced 27 hits in the 90s in Europe for artists such as Ophélie Winter, and is considered the European Teddy Riley.
Alexia Waku is the most popular backing singer in Europe, having worked for the biggest international artists.
Daddy Waku, the youngest of the brothers, has been bathed from an early age in the recording studios, lending his voice to many hits. In 2018 he began a solo career with the release of the « Out of Time », an EP that established him as one of Europe’s funkiest vocalists.

In 2012 after The Voice Belgium, Yves Erauw gave up music to devote himself to his family and business.  Today, he is the proud father of 4 sons.
In March 2020, Belgium was put under complete lockdown because of COVID19.  Yves Erauw sees his company collapsing like a house of cards, a company he worked for day and night.  He finds himself face to face in his car and listens to an album from the 70s, discovering « Heaven help us all » performed by the prodigious Stevie Wonder.  A poignant song filled with truth … after two hours on the road he arrives home, stands in front of his piano and begins to perform the song he had just heard on repeat in his car.
He wondered who could perform the song and very quickly realizes that there is only one person in Belgium who is able to sing Stevie Wonder. Daddy Waku agrees to collaborate on this masterpiece and immediately contacted his sister Alexia Waku who lives in Africa and immediately decides to take a plane to join the project in Belgium. They had 3 things but we were missing someone important.  An experienced man with incredible knowledge of the trade: Guy Waku!  Guy is very difficult to convince but when Yves Erauw is in front of him for more than 3 hours, things change. They speak the same language: love for music! Very quickly they decide to record the title.
Waku & Erauw is born!

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